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Find Snowboarding: ALEUTIANS

Shared By: Rome | September 16, 2014

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Find Snowboarding: ALEUTIANS
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When Cody Booth first called us and told us he was leaving mainland Alaska to head to the Aleutians, we had to consult a map to figure out where the hell he was trying to go. After zeroing in on the Aleutians islands, it took another few minutes to find Cold Bay on the map. This set into motion a logistic brainstorm for the ages. After wading through hours of potential options we dreamed up crew to meet him in Cold Bay. Aspen Rain Weaver would fly from Tahoe to Anchorage, while Thomas Delfino would somehow make his way from France to Anchorage. Weather, grizzly bears, and a lack of amenities made this into one of the grittiest missions to date. The little town welcomed these unusual visitors but the surrounding terrain made no concessions, forcing the crew to get creative as they searched for first descents and fresh lines. The final product? An adventure for the ages in one of the world's final frontiers. Find Snowboarding: ALEUTIANS full film is that adventure.