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Every Third Thursday Mr Fun Snowboarding Boston Massachusetts

Shared By: Signal Snowboards | March 12, 2015

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Every Third Thursday Mr Fun Snowboarding Boston Massachusetts
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It's time to rope you in on another ETT! The awesomeness starts as the ETT crew bring together skateboard legends Paul Schmitt and Christian Hosoi to build the ultimate inexpensive backyard shredder! Watch as the boys storm Boston on a Mr. Fun adventure that turns the city into their personal playground. No boots, no bindings and no high priced lift tickets! Just you and your homies out shredding for a few laughs and bragging rights. Hit play now and if youâ??re feeling inspired and want your own Mr. Fun? Well go man go! Go to and get one for $99 bucks right now. Buy one for you and your loved one or hang it on the wall and use when necessary. Mr. Fun is the sh*t!