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Episode III: Invasion Of The Primestar

Shared By: | December 27, 2016

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Episode III:  Invasion Of The Primestar
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Episode III of the Intergalactic snowventures of Ethan Morgan and his return to the Austrian glaciers. Filmed and edited by the master Morandi, it was. Commander Morgan and master Morandi seek for revenge on the dark side of the Austrian glaciers by attacking them at the base of the Primestar with no success. So they assemble an army of young Rebels including Max Zebe, Sebbe De Buck, Raffael Kossman, Christoph Schwarz, Simon Pircher, Halldor Helgason, Zoltan Strcula and Flo Corzelius. They run through the Stubai forrests' and attack the Primestar with missiles and bombs at night and refuse to train during the day. All national teams had been injured and couldn't go on with training since the missiles smoked up into disasterous clouds, so the training had to be stopped. The Primestar has been destroyed and Jedi commander Morgan could continue his journey through the Galaxy to despair freedom to the light side of the force. Armor and artillery was supported by Monster Energy, Planet Sports, Bataleon Snowboards, Neff Outerwear and Switchback Bindings to fight this war of dispair.