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Diaries Downunder Episode1 So Much Snow!

Shared By: | June 27, 2013

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Diaries Downunder Episode1  So Much Snow!
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Diaries Downunder Episode 1- SO MUCH SNOW! Everybody has a different reason why they want to get back up the hill and get that board back on the slippery stuff. What is your favourite thing about the first day back? We interrogated the crew for their answers. "Going upside down again!" - Stef Zeestraten "Just being back up there, and remembering why you do it" - Nick Brown "Reuniting with shred crew and amping for the things to come!" - Connor Harding "Just knowing the next 4 months are going to be awesome" - Nick Hyne In episode 1 of the 2013 season, Queenstown winter shows us the best start to the season that anyone can recall. SO MUCH SNOW..and it's still June! Before the mountains even opened we were greeted with an amazing early dump. We had snow that settled all the way down into town. The early snow fall was followed by a few scattered but glorious days of bluebird skies. But before the storm rolled in for yet another dose of snow over the mountains we quickly seised the opportunity, jumped in a helicopter and were joined by Wanaka's finest - Connor Harding and dutchman Stef Zeestraten. Soon after, Winter Festival was upon us yet again and along with the crowds came another round of snow. BOOM! This created a perfect set up for the newly opened mountains around Queenstown, The Remarkables and Coronet Peak. With everything now open and all of the terrain on the usually scarcely covered slopes shreddable, the time is now for powder early season! This is just the start of the season!? Can't wait for the rest of winter! Enjoy Episode 1 and stay tuned throughout the season for more! Music Credits Published by: Brightmind Music. Song: More. Artist: The Town Heroes. Diaries Dowunder is made possible by: