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CLASTcast Snake&Hammers Ultrafollows

Shared By: | April 01, 2013

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CLASTcast   Snake&Hammers Ultrafollows
Filming and Riding in Austria - CHAMaLEON - Ep 5
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Third episode of CLASTcast Season 2! The Crew went to MontaFUN, Austria for the Nike Snake&Hammers bitchin' banked slalom. Contestwise, the new shit! 'Nuf talking, check out DBK, Peter König, Christian "Hitsch" Haller, Tobi Strauss & Stephan "Mu" Maurer getting it on! some hot park- pow- and contest- lapping, one day craze again! Filmed and edited: Kris Lüdi ( HILLTON/ ) Check the full Clast Neckwear range on Track: Eagles of Death Metal - I Only Want You good music: