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Arbor Snowboards :: Welcome To Arbor Bryan Iguchi

Shared By: Arbor | January 27, 2015

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Arbor Snowboards :: Welcome To Arbor   Bryan Iguchi
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Welcome to Arbor, Bryan.

We are proud to announce a new partnership with friend and legend, Bryan Iguchi. We consider this a foundation level alliance that united past, present, and future.

Bryan Iguchi is an innovator, ambassador, artist, and leader. Through it all, he has never been afraid to walk away from the limelight and conventional thinking in order to evolve as a rider. His instinct for the arc of progression in snowboarding has made each stand-alone period in his career simply chapters in a powerful and ongoing story.

â??Snowboarding has given me a deep connection to the mountains. Arborâ??s tree icon is symbolic of this to me. Their roots building boards with wood grain topsheets is something Iâ??ve always appreciated. Iâ??ve now been riding Arbor for two months and Iâ??m amazed by the quality and performance Iâ??ve experienced. Itâ??s an honor to be working with them.â?

-Bryan Iguchi

â??For Arbor Snowboards, Guch brings a lifetime of experience to our product, team, and filming efforts. Working together, we now have a unique opportunity to blend that knowledge into everything weâ??re doing, including a range of collaborative snowboard designs to come.â?

-Matt Patti, Arbor Snowboards Brand Manager