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Arbor Snowboards :: Surf The Earth Tahoe

Shared By: Arbor | January 10, 2015

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Arbor Snowboards :: Surf The Earth   Tahoe
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Curtis grew up in the mountains that surround Lake Tahoe, California so it shouldn't come across as a surprise that he knows the area better than most. Even on an off snow year for the region, like the one Tahoe experienced last season, Curtis knows where to find the goods. When a few late season storms rolled through Curits's backyard, he met up with Danny Davis and got it while the getting was good. The fourth and final episode of Curtis Woodman's Surf The Earth highlights some of Tahoe's most insane terrain and the heaviest snowboarding we've seen in this series. RIDERS: Curtis Woodman, Danny Davis, Scott Blum, Taylor Carlton.