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11th Red Bull Nanshan Open / National Qualifier

Shared By: | March 26, 2013

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11th Red Bull Nanshan Open / National Qualifier
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first of all...have been off vimeo for nearly a year now cauz it was blocked in the middle kingdom. seems to be working again so lets upload that one first cauz i like it! 11 years, still running strong and the qualifier is still the only proper event for Chinese locals. below the press release of the 11th Red Bull Nanshan Open madnes: 11th Red Bull Nanshan Open Adds Women's Division for 2013! Beijing, CHINA (December 12, 2012) Rising from a backyard style competition to one of the top snowboard competitions in Asia, this year the Red Bull Nanshan Open has stepped it up once again with the addition of a World Snowboarding Tour Women's 5Star competition to the Men's 5Star Slopestyle competition. The Red Bull Nanshan Open should need no introduction by now - famous amongst riders as one of the most enjoyable contest trips on the World Snowboarding Tour, the Open provides a perfect blend of contest riding, cultural immersion and local hospitality. The local park and event crew step it up each year to build one of Asia's top slopestyle terrain parks - combining perfectly shaped jumps with creative jib features in the Nanshan Mellow Park just outside of Beijing. As a true 'by-riders-for-riders' event, the organizers are no desk-jockeys, often seen testing the kickers themselves on training day! The rest of their crew ensures the visiting pros feel welcome with big family-style dinners and local hospitality. It's clear this team shares a strong passion towards the snowboarding sport and culture, surrounding the event with a truly friendly and laid-back atmosphere! Having always been a bit of a 'boys trip', the addition of a women's division to the Open promises to mix things up for 2013. Given the huge female fanbase snowboarding enjoys in China, spectators are sure to be treated as they watch world's top women compete for US$15,000 and valuable World Snowboarding Tour points. From humble beginnings... The Nanshan Open began in 2002 when a small group of friends threw the first snowboard competition ever held on Chinese soil. As the contest gained momentum and popularity the following years, in 2007 it earned global recognition as a 3Star stop on the World Snowboarding Tour. The Nanshan Open 'leveled up' to 4Star status the subsequent year and for the last three years was the largest Asian slopestyle competition on the World Snowboarding Tour. Now a 5Star Men's and Women's Slopestyle event, the two-day competition offers up a total of US$65,000 in prize money and is preceded by a 2Star local qualifier on January 12th that will earn six local riders a chance to compete in the Open alongside their international idols. The event has hosted a who's-who of up and coming riders, including Transworld's 'Rookie of the Year' Austin Smith, young stars Nils Arvidsson and Anton Bilare along with the Isenseven, Nitro RoadWarriors and Pirate Movie Productions film crews. Past winners of the event include Juuso Laivisto (2012 and 2010), Janne Korpi (2011) Freddy Austbo (2009), Jakob Wilhelmson (2008) and Hampus Mosesson (2007), with a guest judge line-up equally impressive - including Travis Parker, Michi Albin, Ingemar Backman and Scotty Wittlake! 2013 will be the Open's seventh year with Red Bull as the title sponsor - this long-term partnership has allowed both organizer and sponsor alike to focus on improving the event and raise the bar year after year. The Red Bull Nanshan Open has undoubtedly put China on the snowboarding map, and anticipation is high on what 2013 holds for the event! What the riders say... "The Nanshan Open in China was amazing. From the moment we arrived in Beijing we were taken care of so well. Amazing dinners every night, nice hotels and we got to do lots of touristy stuff... The comp was fun too, definitely one of my better snowboarding experiences" - Nick Brown, 2010 "Best trip of the season: Going to China for the Nanshan Open..." Tobi Strauss, 2010 "One of my TOP events - always so stoked to get an invite and would never say no. It is just an awesome time... You get together with all your buddies from around the world and the snowboard industry, meet in China and have the best seven days that will be in your memories forever..." - Peter König - 2008 & 2009 "It was my first time in China... it was a really good experience! We all had a really good time and were looked after so well" - Tyler Chorlton, 2009 "Best Trip: China's Nanshan Open" - Hampus Mosesson, 2007