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Every Third Thursday Paper Snowboard

Shared By: Signal Snowboards | February 20, 2014

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Every Third Thursday Paper Snowboard
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It's ETT and time to think outside of the boxâ??or in the box. Or is it with the box? Anyway, time to cut a few minutes out of your day and watch as we use a material that loves break dancers, pizza and the UPS guy, but doesn't like water and is definitely not known for its strength or flexibility. Yep, it's PAPER!

This paper is processed through a massive machine and corrugated (cardboard to you and me). This is a 100% recyclable project for anyone at home and its cost is just a little time, a few inserts and five sheets of the good stuff â?? or whatever you can find in the basement.

Build it, Ride it, Recycle it! Paper Shredder - Watch it now!