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Every Third Thursday Dig In : Earth Pressed Snowboard

Shared By: Signal Snowboards | October 16, 2014

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Every Third Thursday Dig In : Earth Pressed Snowboard
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ETT Season 5 is here! Winter is upon us brothers and sisters! What better way to summon the snow gods for a great winter than to sacrifice our traditional snowboard press to Mother Earth. What?! Thatâ??s right, itâ??s time to plant a seed and bury ourselves into this build.
We go in search of that subtle, but oh-so-important difference between a snowboard and snowboarding. While weâ??re at it weâ??ll forage, hang with some new friends, and bond over the fact you donâ??t need a snowboard factory to build yourself something to ride.

Well? Donâ??t leaf us hangingâ?¦. hit play!