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Engadin Where Bon Vivants And Snowboarders Meet!

Shared By: Volcom | December 04, 2014

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Engadin   Where Bon Vivants And Snowboarders Meet!
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Local legend Michi Albin and Volcom lifer Iker Fernandez are enlightened men. They know that an oyster-slurping, champagne-gorging fur-covered clientele equals untracked powder for days, if you're in the know.

Then again, would you expect anything less from these guys? They've made careers out of obeying to the rules of the light that begs to be followed since the mid-90'ies.
So making the call for an impromptu pow pilgrimage down south to ride in Michi's natural habitat was a decision as easy to make as saying "Yes please" to free drink offers from a good looking female in a ski town.

If you are 35 years or older and sense no desire to SNOWBOARD, drink, fight or f$@k, after watching this edit you are either impotent, an infidel, have no pulse or all three combined .
Call your Doc before its too late. PS! This was all shot in 1 day.

Michi is wearing the Volcom GPT Baldface Gore Tex pant and Jacket while Iker prefers the Stone Gore Tex jacket in mustard and L Gore Tex pant in black. When big moutain free riding is on the agenda, Michi and Iker refuse to wear anything but Volcom's GPT line...