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Shared By: Gnu | November 20, 2012

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Temple Cummins spends part of his winter traveling to the Cascades and Rocky Mountains evaluating the best snowboarders in the world. He's part of a "judgmental panel" which includes legendary snowboarders Andy Hetzel and Tom Burt. Despite his travels to exotic lands, Temple finds the best powder right in his own back yard. Literally. Here's some highlights from Temple's 11/12 season. If I were to judge a judge, I would say Temp rates extremely high on execution, fluidity and speed. - Tim "stanny-stantech" Stanford
Cameras/Edit - Stantech
Iphone video - Temple Cummins/Barrett Christy-Cummins/Burkles
Directors - Stantech/Temple Cummins
Music - The Lonesome Billies "Useless Bay"