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Drake Fifty Bingings Alvaro Vogel

Shared By: Northwave Snow | September 11, 2012

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Drake Fifty Bingings Alvaro Vogel
Drake Df1 Reload Ltd Binding Mati Radaelli
Heikki Sorsa Full Part 2012
Hoppipolla 2012 Team Edit
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FIFTY made the history of DRAKE; it’s always been one of the best-selling models, perfect for a wide range of riding styles. The FIFTY features integrate CONTOUR highback, SURROUND convertible toe strap, PREMIUM MFC ankle strap and DELTA LIGHT baseplate for additional comfort, control and lightness. The MACH 5 buckles also provide really easy and fast adjustment so you can face any type of terrain without complications . This binding is for real riders who love comfort and great performance at a low price, YOU GET ALL THE FLASH WITHOUT THE CASH!!!

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