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Down Days Japan: Taking On Tokyo

Shared By: Vans | October 20, 2014

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Down Days   Japan: Taking On Tokyo
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The G bro’s get lost in the neon lights of the biggest city in the world. Their journey begins in the bustling streets of Shibuya as they search for maid cafés and squeeze into a tiny hidden izakaya for beers with friends. The next day, the boys venture deep into Tsukiji Fish Market for a lesson in all things tuna and learn the way of the sword from a Samurai Master who helped Kill Bill. Music: “Million to the One” by Nik Freitas, “I Know You're Holding” by Moses Luster and The Hollywood Lights, “You May Dreamin” by QSCS, “Lookout Below” by John Carpenter, “Dinner Party” by Nick Burke, “Sun Owl” by Nick Burke, “Make Dreamin Making Melody” by QSCS, “Streetlights” by Nick Burke, “Sanity Circles” by Kirby, “But I'm Telling You” by Kirby, “Yellow Bicycle” by Nick Burke, “Wisp” by a.d.l.r., “Skin Trade” by John Carpenter, and “Escape From Shantytown” by The Diplomats Of Solid Sound