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Deja Vu Louif Paradis First Cut

Shared By: Snowboarder Mag | November 24, 2014

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Deja Vu   Louif Paradis First Cut
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Over the past season, the Deja Vu crew has been filming for their current two-year project, but luckily they’re leaking some of the footage of the past winter online for your viewing pleasure. You have seen Will Lavigne and Phil Jacques’ First Cut and now up is Louif. When you heard the name Louis-Felix Paradis, you can safely assume that what you are about to watch is going to be the definition of proper and this edit only serves to get us even more stoked to watch Big Lou’s part when it drops next fall–especially because this is only the B footage that is on the cutting room floor. Holy hell. That’s enough from us, stop reading and start watching.