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Carter Country A Leatherman Original By #Signal_Life

Shared By: Signal Snowboards | April 23, 2015

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Carter Country   A Leatherman Original   By #Signal_Life
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Carter Country is a unique story that follows a day in the life of professional snowboarder and part time cowboy Mark Carter. Ranching is no joke, seven hundred head of cattle need to be looked after and corralled for â??the gatheringâ? to keep up with the family business that is nestled deep in the backcountry of Wyoming. With ranching in his blood and snowboarding in his heart, you canâ??t help but see the similarities between Mark's double life. Dedication, discipline and brotherhood are necessary qualities that are found on ranch and snow and in this Leatherman Original we get a glimpse into a life lived to the fullest while prepared for whatever life throws his way.