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Carinthia Parks At Superpark 21

Shared By: Carinthia | June 13, 2017

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Carinthia Parks At Superpark 21
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It being our first year at Superpark, we knew we had to go big or go home. While everyone knew we'd bring a strong rail game, because that's what we do best at Carinthia, it being Superpark we knew we'd have to step it up with out jumps. The end result were massive features like Swiss Miss and the Channel Gap that proved to be an instant hit for the riders. It was an amazing experience to buckle down and get to build alongside some of the top park builders in the world. While it meant for round-the-clock work for two weeks straight, it was all worth it when we got to kick back and watch the top pros in snowboarding session our features. Just wait until you see what we have planned for Superpark 22... Cut + Edit: Devin Bernard Interviews: Elia Hamilton & Benny McGinnis Riders: Too many to name Music: Calvin Lyons