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Built To Ride Snoqualmie Episode 3 Of 4

Shared By: Ride | November 03, 2014

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Built To Ride   Snoqualmie   Episode 3 Of 4
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Built To Ride Episode 3 was filmed at the Summit at Snoqualmie during Hiro and Ten’s hell track inspired "Excellent Rhythm Adventure.” Their whole concept of a BMX inspired jump track started as an idea for a smooth flowing rhythm section of five jumps, with steep lips and hallowed out decks all built for maximum air time. The course came together perfectly, transitioning very smooth from small to big with the jumps starting at a mellow twenty-foot gap up to the fifty-footer at the end with quarter pipes and pole jams sprinkled throughout the course. Watch Todd Kirby, Derrek Lever, Austin Hironaka and crew get buck wild on this mind melting course.