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Brighton Presents SPEDELLI'S Was Here

Shared By: Snowboarder Mag | March 09, 2014

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Brighton Presents SPEDELLI'S Was Here
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It’s a powder party at Brighton with the Spedelli’s crew in this episode of Brighton presents "_____ Was Here". Ben Bogart, Cam Pierce, Jonathan Nilsson, Mac Spedale, Rob Millon, Tyler Blackburn, Mitch Richmond, Matty Mo, Sam Spedale, and Jonas Carlson find the goods at Brighton. This crew from Salt Lake’s favorite pizza (and more) spot avoids the crust and goes straight for the cheddar in four minutes of supreme shredding. Oh wait, what we’re trying to say is that in this edit this crew pilfers the deep dish powder spots. Ok. Regardless of how we put it, this edit is far from cheesy, because these guys are extra saucy. Nevermind, just enjoy Brighton presents "SPEDELLI’S Was Here" because these guys rip.