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Big Air Freestyle 2013 At Alyeska Resort

Shared By: Alyeska Resort | February 15, 2013

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Big Air Freestyle 2013 At Alyeska Resort
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In February of 2013, Alyeska Ski Resort held its annual Frostbite Festival. With the Rail Jam, Big Air, Grom Mini Pipe and after parties at the Sitzmark, it was a fun filled weekend for everyone.

Sunday after the crowds died off and as people went home, the crew of JGS Concepts and Local riders gathered together to session the Big Air Jump one more time.

Local skiers and snowboarders: Max Durtschi, Shaun Poirot, Luke Tanaka, Tony Burts, Troy Murdough, Elan Cohen, Brendon Anderson, Logan Baston, Gabe Gibbs, Jerry Nidda-Harris, Alex Widger, Greg Hugunin and Jake Rasauer all crushed it before the lights went out to end the two hour film session.

While the crew of JGS Concepts ( captured riders from many different angles on film to create this edit, Scott Dickerson ( captured some amazing photos you can check out on his website.

Huge thanks to Ski Patrol, Park Crew, Marketing and everyone else who was involved to make this happen.

Filmers: Kris Brons, Alex James Troutman, Peter Beachy, Allen Ream, Dave Arnett
Photographer: Scott Dickerson


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