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Andrew Burns ShipWrecked Vol.2 Part 4 "Summer Break"

Shared By: Andrew Burns | August 23, 2013

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Andrew Burns ShipWrecked Vol.2   Part 4 "Summer Break"
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Argentina is my second home. I dedicate this to my best friend Matt Ouellette. R.I.P. amigo. I love you man. He passed on my birthday, August 18th, and I try and post this on his birthday, August 22nd. The best, unconditional, hard working, and most amazing friend ever. I miss you so much, I love you, and my life has been forever changed by the amazing human you were, and helped me become. Pops, BBQ, and huge machines forever brotha. Thanks to all of his friends, family, and the people that got me through this, with the best memories ever. To my boy, Matt Ouellette, forever