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Andrew Burns ShipWrecked Vol.2 Part 1 "Early Season"

Shared By: Andrew Burns | February 12, 2013

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Andrew Burns ShipWrecked Vol.2   Part 1 "Early Season"
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Ship Wrecked 2013, following professional snowboarder, Andrew Burns in his life of travel, mountains, shredding, and friends. Part 1 is the early season shred, November in Salt Lake City, Utah, and December in Whistler, Canada. An early season dump in SLC made a pretty sick week of urban riding. Burns linked up with fellow Capita shredders Kyle Fischer and Durrell Williams, as well as Ben Bogart, and Nico, Lungy, Miller, and the rest of the LP crew. After the snow melted, the Pirate Ship was packed and set sail for Whistler, arriving just in time for some pretty epic December POW. Couple set backs around New Years, but a super sick early season! Part 2 comin soon, with big ass jumps, pillows and pow, and some other fun surprises!