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Andrew Burns ShipWrecked EPISODE 4 ALASKA Part 2

Shared By: Andrew Burns | July 10, 2012

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Andrew Burns ShipWrecked EPISODE 4   ALASKA Part 2
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The second half of an epic Alaska trip at SEABA Heli. The end of AK was cut short unfortunately, but it was still one of the best times ever. Afterwards, the ship sailed south to Superpark at Mt Bachelor, Oregon, with the CAPiTA crew. Always a good time with the best shred family ever. The ship then sailed many places, and returned to Oregon to post up at Mt Hood with High Cascade Snowboard Camp. It was rad shredding with the homeys, getting some sun, and chillin a little before heading south. Next stop: SGT Argentina for a summer full of POW. It's going to be ridiculous. All POV footage shot with the CONTOUR+