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A Winter Story By Pat Burgener

Shared By: Patrick Burgener | December 28, 2014

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A Winter Story By Pat Burgener
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The Story of Pat Burgener:

In the morning I open my window
And the snow is fallin
So I call up my homies and ask them to come
To write a story
About a car full of snow, me and my board
Getting lost up in air
So we threw all we had the white beauty lady
That lord gave us for free
I hiked up the hill with my red dirty bob
Tried to get enough speed
Couldnâ??t get right so I grabbed up my board
And took the better way
After the first try I landed on my back
And I was just full of snow
Didnâ??t give went back up
And the turned our heart to gold

Music by Pat & Max Burgener