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A Grumpy August

Shared By: Airblaster | September 22, 2014

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A Grumpy August
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Owning Nick Dirks’ Grumpy Jacket is like driving a 60’s classic Ford Pickup with a Lamborghini engine under the hood: Classic and timeless style outside, world class performance inside. This year, Nick created Pillroy, a character based on a popular WWII-era doodle graffiti art. Pillroy’s face graces a removable patch on the shoulder of this Tailored Long Fit Grumpy Jacket. At Dirks’ direction, we’re happy to introduce our new Slim Straight Fit, a slightly roomier version of our Slim Boot Fit, with less taper through the knee. This is great slim cut for meatier thighs, or for those of you who just like side hits better than side pipes. Chika-Chika, Slim Straight-y… Stay current. See Nick's promodel outerwear at!