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686 X Nikwax Present "It's 100% Washable Outerwear!"

Shared By: 686 | November 02, 2015

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686 X Nikwax Present "It's 100% Washable Outerwear!"
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All 686 technical outerwear with infiDRY® fabric is 100% washable, giving you the ability to revitalize jacket and pants. Dirt, oil and grime look unsightly and compromise your outerwear’s waterproofing and breathability. Washing your 686 technical outerwear with Nikwax Tech Wash will renew your outerwear’s appearance and reinvigorate its performance. Youcan be confident that your investment in 686 technical outerwear will not only stand up to the elements, but also be able to be reinvigorated throughout the season. In fact, we are so excited about this concept that we have partnered with Nikwax Waterproofing, the worldwide leader in high performance waterproofing and cleaning products, to provide the most washable and durable outerwear experience possible. Every 686 GLCR jacket and pants even comes with a free trial size of Nikwax Tech Wash to get you started on your renewal process. Don’t get left in yesterday’s dirty laundry. Be sure to get your washable 686 jackets and pants and start cleaning up your act today!