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2013 Nike Snowboarding Snake And Hammers Mountain High, CA

Shared By: Nike 6.0 | March 20, 2013

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2013 Nike Snowboarding Snake And Hammers   Mountain High, CA
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The 2nd stop of Snake & Hammers took place at Mt. High in California on Saturday. Murphy's Law normally states: when you have a snowboard event on the calendar you can almost guarantee that the weather will be bad. This formula doesn't apply for Southern California. Instead you get a beautifully clear sunny day with people snowboarding in tee shirts, shorts and sports bras in slushy 70° weather. With plenty of sun screen on their faces and turkey corndogs in their bellies, the competitors of the first Snake & Hammers event in North America battled it out through a very fun and challenging course. As the snow went from slushy to extra slushy, the riders powered their way through the snake like berms and hucked their most technical and stylish tricks they could muster. This combination of speed and trickery had competitors and crowd lurkers smiling from ear to ear. After 3 heated runs, 15 men and 3 women were selected for a 1 run, do-or-die finals. With only 1 run, riders had to chose between playing it safe or going for broke. Scott Blum chose the latter... with a balanced attack of speed and creativity; Blum electrified the crowd and judges and with a stylish FS3 over the main jump and straight into a high-speed hand-plant over the rainbow box. In the end, this combination of speed and stylish tricks won him the first North America Snake & Hammers award and $1,500 cash. Matt Ladley and Greg Bretz were on hill and handed out the Hammer award to Jeremy Page for the sickest hammer of the day. And although everyone who competed felt like they won, only 4 men and 1 women hoisted the coveted Snake & Hammers trophies. 1. Scott Blum 36.0, $1,500 2. Spencer Link 37.2, $1000 3. Mika Height 37.7, $500 1st Women's Jamie Madrid 41.08, $750 Hammer Jeremy Page "Switch Back Rodeo" $250 Next stops: 03/24-26 Montafon, Austria 03/30 Mt. Hood Meadows, OR 04/06 Mammoth Mountain, CA