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" Punching Against The Guns " David Dondero Response To US Shooting

Shared By: Union | September 06, 2012

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David came through town a couple of weeks ago, We made party, went to the beach, ate pizza, walked home... and somewhere in the middle David played a show at the Electric Owl.
This is the first time David played this song live...
He finished it in the back room at The Shop Vancouver while we had an epic dance party to 90s hits like Mariah Carey and DMX... maybe a little shaggy and the thong song tossed in....
It's a response to the shooting in Colorado at the Batman premiere a few months ago.
David (complete with broken hand) talked about being sick of hearing about these kinds of instances, and how the first thing you hear after they happen is someone sticking up for gun laws. When he heard the news about the shooting he actually broke his hand on the bar when he slammed his fist on the bar saying " when is this sort of thing going to stop?"

David is Punching against the guns , but his hands are flesh and bone.

David is on tour right now, go support a genuine wonderful human !