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PARK CITY, Utah - Windell’s Snowboard Camp in Mt. Hood, Ore., has partnered with U.S. Snowboarding, the national governing body for Olympic snowboarding, as the Official Summer Training Camp of U.S. Snowboarding.

The program provides special training opportunities for U.S. Snowboarding riders at Windell’s and establishes a presence for Windell’s in the prestigious Chevrolet U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix series, including a national sweepstakes for Windell’s camp programs. The partnership is a first for U.S. Snowboarding.

“Windell's has been at the forefront in providing an avenue for progression in the sport and as a stepping stone for riders to make the transition to the next level and beyond,” said U.S. Snowboarding Program Director Jeremy Forster. “This is a great opportunity for the athletes in our U.S. Snowboarding program to have access to the facilities at Windell’s.”

While many current and former U.S. Snowboarding athletes including Hannah Teter, Lindsey Jacobellis, Chris Klug, Luke Mitrani and Kelly Clark have attended the camp, the new program provides unique training programs for U.S. Snowboarding riders going forward. U.S. Snowboarding and its newly established snowboardcross team trained at Windell’s on a custom-built SBX track this summer. U.S. Snowboarding coaches participated as well. Additionally, U.S. Snowboarding’s Project Gold riders were at Windell’s in August.

"We are really excited about working with U.S. Snowboarding,” said Tim Windell, camp owner. “This partnership feels like a very natural step for us. Windell’s Camp was born because we snowboarders needed a place to train. We've since become a stepping stone for top athletes such as Kelly Clark, Danny Kass, JJ Thomas, Gretchen Bleiler and Shaun White. By merging our resources with U.S. Snowboarding, we will continue to produce the best snowboarders in the world! I also feel like we share a common goal of training and competing as a team while still preserving an athlete's personal interests and goals."

One of the highlights of the program is a national sweepstakes conducted by U.S. Snowboarding. Riders of all ages – kids and adults – will have a chance to win a full Windell’s camp program. The sweepstakes will kickoff with promotion for the Chevrolet U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix this winter.

Windell’s Snowboard Camp is located on Mt. Hood, just 45 miles east of Portland. Windell’s conducts both winter and summer camps for all ages and abilities, providing on-hill and off-hill activities including skate and BMX courses. The main campus sits in 53 forested acres and offers full lodging and meal services for campers.

Established in 1988 by Tim Windell, Windell's has been a forerunner in progressing the sport of snowboarding and helping riders move up the competition ladder.

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