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Snowboarding News | Thursday November 11, 2010 | Shared By: Tara Dakides

The link here is disturbing (that is if you have a warm heart). Sometimes I think there is just so much wrong with the world that it's hard to see where to begin or and where will it ever end. I look at these photo's and see warm blooded animals, like humans, but that live a lot more at peace and more loving then most. The super sad thing about looking at these photo's are the kids. How will the world change if the teachers, parents and "adults" don't teach the kids any better. This is not fun, funny, or should be taken as a photo for a prized picture for your wall!!!! This is murder! It is SAD! It might as well be humans and human mothers with there guts ripped out showing the death of thier unborn. We have enough meat to survive! We have enough at our grocery stores, our markets, our farm lands to not starve! We have plenty of Obese people in the world to show for that!!! I'm sorry, I don't mean to offend anyone... I'm just mad, sad and always shocked to see the power that humans can have to destroy something so beautiful. PLEASE LEAVE OUR OCEANS ALONE!!!! THEY HAVE TAKEN ENOUGH FOR THE NEXT 1000 YEARS!!!

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