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World Heli Challenge Wanaka Nz



Snowboarding News | Tuesday August 16, 2011 | Shared By: Abby Lockhart

The whole experience of the heli challenge was awesome a really fun refreshing contest. All the crew involved were awesome, great people and super fun to be able to meet and go into the mtns with.

I felt really lucky and stoked that so many people supported me with my fundraiser, so I could take part in the event thanks so much if you supported me!

We were so lucky a front rolled through a few days before the event and topped up the mtns with 20cms of fresh snow yeoow

this was the terrain for the freestyle day
The heli rides were so amazing it was so sick they are such amazing machines!
First day we loaded out of a farmers paddock out at Makarora 45 mins north west of wanaka we were flown up to mt Albert was beautiful and sick terrain!
We loaded the choppers on the second day off a big barge out of lake Wanaka that was very exciting :)
we were flown to the same mtn just a different face also sick terrain pretty stoked!!

choppers on the barge

Heli nose diving toward the earth yikes!!

Will Dropping in extreme day!!

Flying from the barge

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