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Travis Rice And The Brilliance Of The Red Bull Supernatural Contest 2012



Snowboarding News | Thursday June 14, 2012 | Shared By: Silas Moran

Travis Rice, Red Bull Supernatural Contest

Travis Rice, Red Bull Supernatural Contest

This 2012 winter, Red Bull and snowboarding legend Travis Rice put on an all new kind of contest. A contest like no other. A contest that wouldnt just show how good or creative you are on a snowboard but just straight up how ballsy you are.


For those of you who don’t know who Travis Rice is, simply watch a video of his and you will soon to never forget.

Red Bull SuperNatural

As a kid growing up in Jackson Hole Wyoming it wasnt hard to tell that Travis would not only be an incredible snowboarder be an innovator in backcountry riding. He went from competing at Winter X-Games to to producing and riding in his own snowboard films such as “Thats It That All” and “The Art Of Flight” to now inventing all new contest ideas and making what thought never to be possible real.


Red Bull being one of the top action sports sponsors and a sponsor of Travis, quickly jumped on the idea. It went from being just some scribbles on a piece of drawing paper to an all new and improved contest for pros such as John Jackson, Mark Landvick, Gigi Ruf, Mark MicMoris and many more.


Travis’ idea was to create a new kind of contest that had never been done before. It would be in the backcountry on some of the steepest and gnarliest terrain out there. A construction crew would spend the summer building obstacles on the side of the mountain that would soon be covered in snow and be played on by all the pros in the comp.


The event was advertised like no other, being the first of its kind of coarse. It would be broadcasted on ESPN and a number of other TV channels. It was a huge stepping stone in the completive snowboard industry.


Once it came down to the day of the contest you could definitely tell that everyone was excited but really wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Were competitors going to give it all they had and go for it or be scared of what was in front of them and just play it safe..?


I guess you can say Travis wasn’t one to play it save when it came to competing in his own competition… Check out Travis’s winning run!

Red Bull SuperNatural

Given the chance – what would you say to this run?

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