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Snowboarding News | Thursday November 17, 2011 | Shared By: Tara Dakides

It was an honor to be invited on Fuel TV's send off to The Daily Habit Show with Legendary Danny Way. Danny is pure inspiration. I am Inspired by his humbleness, passion and drive to overcome life's challenges, injury and continue to set the bar in skateboarding. Always great to see you Danny! 
I was also hapy to wear this homemade shirt. Omatic, Not 4 Riders which I made with a sharpie the night before. I will be taking orders if anyone wants one! Just goto my Facebook Site for orders and more info. I will hand make it myself for the price of shipping!
Omatic used to be something I was proud to stand behind because for me it meant Pure Snowboard Love, Fun, Creativity and Rider Owned. We were little but strong until greed walked in the door. I walked away a few years ago with a fight but that fight has come to an end. I am no longer owner of what Omatic used to be. After a year of Lawyers trying to settle, the fight is over. Good did not win and now Omatic is for Sale. Omatic is owned by an attorney who knows nothing about what true snowboarding is and a lot of good people who believed in Omatic where taken advantage of. Go to and see for yourself. They still have a "Team Riders" list but those people DO NOT ride for Omatic. This Company is a LIE. I have asked them to take down the site and they still have not because of attorney BULLSHIT. I am forever sorry to those people, Chanelle, Louie, Hampus and everyone else for not being able to save what I believed Omatic to be and repay you for your hard work and faith in building a company. IF Omatic is bought, it comes with a line of bad blood in my opinion. I was threatened to be sued if I said anything but now I just don't care. It needs to be told. This was the biggest heart break of my Career. If you love snowboarding then I urge you to buy consciously and support the brands with integrity for the people, the love of the sport and the dream, and pass this on. Thank You! Tara Dakides

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