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The Fighter



Snowboarding News | Tuesday September 27, 2011 | Shared By: Tara Dakides

Up in the quiet of the night inspired by The Fighter. What makes a great fighter? The one with all heart, passion, drive and will. When all physical strength that is left runs out the spirit of the fighter shines through. He's never given the golden silver spoon, not even a copper one. He is maybe given a chance that means more then anyone could ever imagine to only fall flat on his face. The great fighter has fallen before, it's familiar. The great fighter knows loss, embarrassment, humility. He lives in the shadow of ridicule. The great fighter loose's her way but never gives up. The great fighter has a few great friends or family that believe in him, but if he did not he would stand on his own. He who is great is never alone on his lonely path, he has his strength that never quits on is there, somewhere it always surfaces. He won't let himself give up.
Lossing his way is part of the journey but his heart will never fail him. He feels his way. What does not kill him makes him stronger. The great fighter must see defeat and death to become great, there is no way around this, he must be used up, deceived by those he trusted and loved. He must be crushed in heart and in hand.
Some may know what this great fighter goes through, may feel his pain in the hours of quiet and some may never. I feel badly for those who never feel the great fighters pain. The fall is the beautiful challenge for to stand again is the greatness, the heart of the beating world. This great fighter is proof that all challenges are good even the most horrible ones imagined there is still good. There lies compassion and there lies the greatness of truly living, loving and achieving the successes of never giving up. To stand again you must fall. No heads may turn upon the great fighter but he does not need most, just the few solid friends who never questioned his integrity, strength and heart, who believed. You have a few loyal friends like that and you have an army. Take care of your army and one another.
The world can never have enough heart, compassion and inspiration. The world can never have enough great fighters. There are many and they are all around you.....

I wrote this while listening to the song The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel.


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Source: Tara Dakides
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