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Stevens Pass 3foot 1mtr In 32hrs An Still Falling



Snowboarding News | Thursday March 03, 2011 | Shared By: Abby Lockhart

We have had the sickest last few days Washington really turning it on! Its been snow snow an more snow this year kinda un believable its up there for been the deepest I have ridden along side w japan.
Mt Baker from canadan side of the boarder on our way back to Washington

Peace arch boarder crossing (canada-usa) beautiful sunset

We drove back down to seattle an got up early for our last day with the other kiwi boys before the left we went back snowmobiling at Shribers our canadian friends justin an kimmie came down for a roady we scored amazing snow an weather the sun was shinning!

this is the mtn you see when your getting close to shribers!!

there is a big foot on your way to stevensThe following day we headed up Stevens Pass knowing we were in for a treat as it had been dumping for a while now. Will an I decided we would go an spend a night or 2 with our friends Jordan an Ryan 1 an 2, kimmie an justin came up for the day. We shot photos the first day with Jordan was so sick we built a jump off a mush was super fun an they took us to a new spot where there was a hut an some amazing terrain we posted up in the hut for lunch so cute in there an loads of history a real stevens local spot!
After lunch we rode some of the funnest terrain I ever rode on Steven bouncy powder mushes, drops, big open pow fields a bit of everything!
we ended up along way from mtn base, luckly our buddy Ian who was with us had left his truck down where we popped out. After bush wacking an river well creek crossing an of course i slipped in ha ha then a big long one foot skate we made it back to the truck just on dark! What an adventure it was so fun thanks boys for showing us the secret spots!!

eveyone loaded on the back of our truck an headed up to the mtn
Will trying on some sweet google he found in the hut

eating lunch in stevens hut

Will popping down a fun run!!

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