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Snowboarding News | Thursday January 31, 2013 | Shared By: Sebi Geiger

since a long time i had the idea to organize a trip to the east of europe and this year we got the chance to do it. rumania was the destination! the crew included sebi madlener, vanessa andrieux, flo corzelius and myself.this country is amazing! we met some really nice guys who helped us out with everything. thanks a lot vlad, adrian and daca from mushroom skateshop! the snow was not that good but still found some spots to ride! we also found the best bakery in the world! the food was geat and i tryed one piece of everything and i costs around 7€!
stay tuned for the different direction episode from this trip! it’s coming next week!
photos by sebi madlener

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Source: Sebi Geiger
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