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Snowboarding News | Sunday May 18, 2014 | Shared By: Aimee Fuller

So the end of the season is a wrap! It was a banger finishing up in Aspen with Red Bull.
I have been crazy busy at home the last 3 weeks, catching up with some local schools, meeting the Guides and rainbows. Over to England to shred at Hemel for the 5th Birthday.

Hanging out with the lovely ladies from Priory College. Holywood.

I went down to see the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides in Donaghdee.

Me and my bro did a shoot and interview with Belfast telegraph. Comparing our professions, hairdresser vs snowboarder!

At The Snow Centre with Jenny Jones, Jamie Nicholls and Ed Drake, we signed a ton of Autographs and went shredding, fun day

Me and my mini shred buddy Betsy
A few snaps from the Kitchen. I have been getting a lot of questions through my Facebook page, what do I eat?!!? haha So I thought posting a few snaps would give you guys a little insight. I try like everyone to eat “clean and healthy” but it’s good to have the od treat haha.

This Banoffee pie was epic. I used Merchant gourmets Caramel Sauce, smashed up a few digestives with pecans and butter. Lathered on the Caramel sauce, it’s so easy and tastes like something you get in a top notch coffee shop! I’ve been in the gym a good bit this week so you can’t beat a naughty treat now and again! My weakness is for sure Banoffee!  haha.

Here’s a little pre gym snack. Total Greek yoghurt, topped with Banana, Kiwi and some of Wyldsson breakfast topper, I have been using that in everything, from porridge to salads it tastes so good.

Post gym I have been feasting on some epic salads, this time of year there are some good veggies to be had. This is raw beets, kale, broccoli, avo, pepper and for a quick refuel and protein I have been mixing in a range of grains, in this salad I used Spelt again another Merchant gourmet wonder! It’s high in protein and good carbs. I have also been using the lentils and ready cook Quinoa it’s just so handy post gym session when you can’t be bothered to cook for lunch. With a drizzle of Pumpkin oil and you are in buisness. ENJOY! x
I am planning my next snowboard trip in 3 weeks time, we have something pretty exciting lined up so can’t wait to share it with you guys! Until then It’s time to enjoy a little more time at home

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