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My Sexy Waterfall



Snowboarding News | Friday August 19, 2011 | Shared By: Tara Dakides

Today I decided not to drive, so I walked. I walked and walked and walked. I traveled mostly on dirt, plants, rocks and water. There were no signs to fallow, only indications that people had walked this path before. I scared off a lot of grasshoppers along the way as I walked threw the talk grassy meadows and I thought to myself... I hope I'm not smashing to many of them, I like grasshoppers. They are my favorite fly when I fish and my favorite fish food. Then I thought... they are grasshoppers, they know how to get out of the way. Hundreds of them jumped as I went through this meadow. I traveled with 3 dogs, my boy Buddy and his two friends Oscar and Blue. I wasn't sure how far I was going when I started this "walk" so I didn't bring any water with me but I could hear water almost the entire time. I wanted to get to it so I fallowed the sound of this water as it got louder and louder, then finally....SCORE!!! My journey lead me to the most unbelievable waterfall. I mean gushing and blowing so heavily that the surrounding land around this water fall was soaked. Sounds kinda sexy this water fall! It was and so I climbed it. Not the water fall itself but around it although a vision of actually climbing a waterfall is an entertaining thought. I was able to shimmy up a loose rocky mountainside and around a ledge with the dogs hot on my tail and land about mid way up the fall. It was a double decker so I stood at where it crashed on the first level. It was AMAZING!!! I stood about 20 feet from the thrusting of this sacred fall and took my clothes off. Yep, you heard me. I had too, I was getting wet. I wanted to feel the vibrance of this cold raging fall against my skin. It wasn't windy out but gusts were hitting me. It was still air everywhere around me but within this 20 foot radius of the fall. So I stood there half naked, stretched my arms out to each side, let my head fall back and took it all in until I was completely wet all over. I HAD to soak it in, literally and the cold of this water was piercing my soul as if to say "Wake Up, Your Alive, Here, Now"! The dogs on the other hand stood back and watched.... I think they were confused. They wanted to swim in the pool of water below, not get hit in the face with it. After I was completely wet front to back I proceeded to stumble and fall my way back down with a cold chill. I had to recover from this engaging moment.

This moment, this walk, made my day. While I stood at the fall everything disappeared even time. It was pure presence and a great gift for the day before my birthday. Tonight...friends and dinner with I'm sure some wonderful wine. Being in the presence of good friends is the best present I could ask for and my all day adventure I will always remember. My sexy waterfall.....

I'm so happy I decided not to drive today because you never know what you might find when you step outside your box and go for an adventure. Next time, bring water. You never know how long you will be gone.

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Source: Tara Dakides
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