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Snowboarding News | Tuesday March 22, 2011 | Shared By: Abby Lockhart

Seattle Airport will an i say bye for a week or so xxoff he goes.... have fun in switzerland wish i was going he he

This week Will went away to Switzerland for a trip with snowboard canada I dropped him at the airport wishing i could go too.
I have been hanging in seattle, the reason film boys have been here to so had a few days out with them fun days not very productive days tho?
I went an had a fun time night riding at Stevens with our boys from up there an stayed in there cabin it was super fun, apart from the mouse that ran across me while i was trying to sleep eeeeekkkkkk!!!
feeding the birds cranberries they love them well anything you hold out

sunrise can you spot the eagles nest?Back in Seattle an we are planning on heading to shribbers the weather is looking good so we have a 5am wake up an get amongst it! ps thats way to early!! Any ways we had the big old crew greg an myself plus nick B an H bugs vaughn Jye an Jake so 8 in total 7 sleds they all wanted to build a jump so off we went found a spot an started building it was a beast took us hours!!

everyone gearing up in car park

Jump being built weather looks like its coming in.

Sure enough just after the finishing touches were put on the jump the weather did come in bummer it start blowing hard an snowing browner ended up hitting it once perfect fs 7 to crash as he couldnt see a thing in the landing. We all hung out trying to wait for a clearing it wasnt happening so Jye Jake an myself sledded out the others wernt to far behind. Felt a bit bummed to have not hit anything on my board, but I had a super fun day sledding managed to not get stuck once stoked on that! I had a tired saw body at the end of it. Still a fun beautiful day in the mountains.
Pretty light, mtns an clouds

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