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Mammoth Season Wrap Up



Snowboarding News | Sunday May 19, 2013 | Shared By: Aimee Fuller

SO I headed to Mammoth after a 3 day reset in LA, a little tan time, a little dancing, eating good food and even a surf sesh! The ultimate way to break up 12 weeks on the road.

Stefi, Bruna,Torah, Me, Jones!
I arrived in Mammoth excited as ever, Mammoth is the spot to wrap up your season, warm, sunny and slushy. The perfect combo combined with the pool after you finish riding at around 1pm!

I was very lucky to be invited by Kimmy Fasani to her photo shoot, AMUSEMENT PARKÂ 13. What a send off, Kimmy had a huge 75 foot beast sculpted for us to session. After a 3 day waiting period we got on the kicker and had an ace session. It is for sure the biggest, and the best jump I have ever hit, so huge shout out to Kimmy and the gang for an all time week with the girls.

Backflip on the mega booter, photo Peter Morning – Mammoth Mountain

The ladies of Amusement Park 13. Enni Rukajarvi, Stefi Luxton, Hana Beaman, Cilka Sadar, ME, Ty Walker, Jenny Jones, Spencer O’Brien, Kimmy Fasani, Christy Prior, Phobe Novello, Kaya Turski, Chloe Kim.

Me on a rare occasion with Kaya Turski changing codes, during Amusement Park 13!
After Amusement Park 13 I linked up with the British team, we had an awesome crew out there, 2 of the skiier lads, and 4 snowboarders. John from Neu Productions came out onboard with us to capture the last few days of my season. It was deffiantley the best few days of the winter, riding in the heat with a great crew!
Here are a few snaps from the trip!

Volcanic dirt pool mud bath!

hobo dinners down in the desert. Ben Kilner + Nate Kern.

I had my own Street in Bodie, a ghost town just 40 minutes out of Mammoth.

Seriously fun hot laps going down with Jamie Anderson.

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