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Last 3 Weeks Of My Life



Snowboarding News | Thursday July 26, 2012 | Shared By: Silas Moran

Denver Colorado – Queenstown New Zealand

The day finally came to get on a plane and set off on my new adventure to New Zealand! I said goodbye for now to the family and hoped on my first flight to San Francisco, had a few hour delay there preparing for the big flight to Aukland NZ. It consisted of lots of movies and snoring. After a long 13 hour flight I finally arrived in New Zealand! Looking out the window I saw beautiful green hills of grass and huge mountain tops will white peaks. I was so excited to see snow again! I had one more flight from Auckland to Queenstown and I just couldn’t wait to be there! Once landed in Queenstown, I met up with my great friend Asher Humphreys, coach Colin and house mom Holly. Everyone was so stoked that the season was finally about to begin but my travels didn’t end here, still had a hour drive to Wanaka where I would call home for the next three months!

My Life In Wanaka

What can I say about Wanaka.. Well, it’s incredible! It’s an incredible little place in the middle of the mountains full of incredible people! Being the closes town to the resorts, everyone ski’s/rides. The team house is amazing! A really roomy place with a good environment full of great smelling food, fun room mate jokes, pure determination, and great people! Days off of training are spent walking the beautiful lakeside, skateboarding, trampolining, going to the movies, and exploring the cool shops in town. Everywhere you look is a beautiful scenic view, all though I would have to say my favorite is driving up the mountain early in the mornings and seeing the inversion layer over Wanaka. When your above the clouds it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. Almost looks like a bridge from mountain to mountain that you could walk across. Breath taking really! Riding in New Zealand is the greatest! The mountains are so high, makes you feel like your on top of the world! I’ve been riding at Snow Park which is almost like a skatepark for snowboarders. There is one chairlift that goes from the bottom of the park to the top. Allowing you to get the max number of runs as possible in a day. And you couldn’t ask for a better park set up. They just finished building their big triple line of jumps, and they are massive! The bottom jump is around 65 feet!

Snowboard Training

Besides loving life because I get to snowboard everyday, Im really stoked on all the training Im getting! My coaches, Colin and Elliot are great! They both know so much about coaching and the snowboard industry. So stoked that Im able to be mentored by them everyday. When I first got back on snow it was a little weird getting my legs back but by the end of the first week I was already getting tricks back. Now that Colin and Elliot are starting to understand my riding and Im getting to know how they coach, things are going off! Been learning more then I even thought was there. We are back the the basics of snowboarding, fixing my basic body mechanics so when it comes time to do the actual trick, its simple! It’s incredible how it all works out! Getting so excited to start progressing the sport through just plain love of snowboarding!


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