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Laax Switzerland 1 Week 2 Foot Of Snow



Snowboarding News | Thursday January 12, 2012 | Shared By: Abby Lockhart

After having an amazing time in the Bettmer Alp I packed up and trained to Laax to visit my good friends Jah and Rebecca Harris My timing was perfect it was just dumping when i arrived like allot of europe :) What an awesome week I had here thanks to my great hosts I got powder some of the best of my life and also got to ride park that my friend built couldnt ask for more!!

Jah and Rebecca Laax mtn Jah builds the park here and Rebecca manages Boarder world at the bottom they have a great set up what a beautiful place

cool farm houses off the side of a run awesome light and snow
Rebeccas family home they live on the 3rd level mum and dad bottom 2 and grandma up top
blasting off Jahs rock up the back of the house

Jah bs 180 with Marsha the dog watching and just a few pow turns down to the house for a drink
more snow snow snow :)mtns trees and more snow from Laax gondolaRaclette a famous swiss meal with the family Delish :)Simon Rebecca and Jahs brother in law getting some on the side of the catty

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