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La Clusaz France



Snowboarding News | Sunday January 22, 2012 | Shared By: Abby Lockhart

Last weekend I traveled to France to compete in the La Clusaz Radikal free ride contest i got there by bus then train transfer to another train then bus and then another bus, a bit of a mission but I got there!
It was so beautiful the weather was super nice big steep mtns all around the small village it was nice to be in France "Bonjour"

 Finals venue were on the mountain behind me, pretty steep!!
La Clusaz church
It was two days of competing first day qualifier then finals, the next top 5 girls qualified to the final day. We had riders meeting that evening and had the bib draw my name was drawn 3rd, so I dropped 3rd out of 111 snowboarders and skiers pretty cool I was super excited.

Next morning I woke super early as i was dropping so early had not seen the face we were ridding only in photos so i was kind of nervous I tried to go and hit this cliff got totally lost and really rode the easiest way down hit a few things did a few grabs then i was done it was like 930 am so i hung out and watched everyone. I ended up been 5th with my super mellow run so I new I needed to hit some more stuff for the finals!
sun rise as I was hiking up, check out the love heart lake
We had riders meeting and another bib draw mine was number 3 again i thought that has to be lucky! So it was another early start for me and on a completely different face the snow conditions were a lot better than day one. We had to wear harness and get lowered in with ropes to the face was pretty crazy. I had chosen a line for this face I dropped in committed to going where I wanted to I dropped a cliff into a shoot and sat down i was so annoyed but got up and kept on charging down hitting a bunch of rocks and fun small hits I got to the bottom and was disappointed in myself for not doing my run as clean as I would have liked!

At the top ready to drop other girls scoping there lines behind me
Heli came in with harnesses to get us into the venue of day two My brother and his girl friend came to support me which was so cool so we all went off ridding the rest of the mountain for a few hrs then we went back for prize giving and to my surprise I got 1st it was pretty awesome! I was stoked to win my first contest in europe! Thanks La Clusaz for a fun event.
they had two prize givings one at the venue of the eventand the other in La Clusaz town centre :)having an InterviewThanks friends for reading and supporting me :)

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