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Snowboarding News | Sunday November 03, 2013 | Shared By: Aimee Fuller

I am excited to announce I will be a monthly columnist for the Metro paper, my first column came out this Thursday, and by chance I was in London, actually just for the day for the Ski Show. Really weird to be on the train and seeing someone read your article. Even if it is your Mum haha.

Metro column.

London Victoria.

In the window of the Roxy store. France. This month of November is my dare yourself month with Roxy. Stay tuned.

Interview with German mag MBM. This month.

I wrote my first full 15 page article for Snowboard mag Colorado, It featured Jenny Jones, Celia Miller, Photographer Zach Hooper and Filmer John Roderick from Neu productions.
For those UK peeps, it will be published in a UK mag soon but if you can’t wait for the read, head over to Snowboard mag Colorado for the online copy.

Onboard magazine. October edition. My RIG!

Full page in October edition Cooler magazine. Informing you on my new webisodes project.
Links to some other interviews.
METRO 100 days to go >
Right now I am sitting in the BA Lounge, I have an 8 hour layover, on my way to Stubai. Can’t wait to get back on snow after a week at home Will update you on the next mission soon.

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