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Dear Mr President



Snowboarding News | Friday October 29, 2010 | Shared By: Tara Dakides

So, I get home to a letter from Obama... you know, our President of the United States of America. He wanted to thank me for being a responsible voter and let me know that "Our Democracy depends on people like you exercising your right to vote." He was also kind enough to inform me of my polling location. Well, Mr President... I didn't vote Democratic and I don't plan on voting for Democracy in the near future. I believe your letter is a desperate cry for being popular in the wrong way, kind of like buying your staff Macdonalds and Beer and being in Vanity Fair, GQ, Rollingstone. As a responsible voter I already know where to Vote and as you have claimed in your ever so polished speech's of Change... moving towards a more ecco friendly world will not happen with another piece of junk mail being sent to my house. At the bottom of this letter it says "Paid for by the Democratic State Central Committee of CA...." Great.... another bill for us to pay. Like the tax increase isn't enough. Had to share.... just my opinion. 

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Source: Tara Dakides
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