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Climbing Trees



Snowboarding News | Sunday September 11, 2011 | Shared By: Tara Dakides

Oh to be a kid again! Don't get me wrong, I get plenty of play time but its just not the same as climbing a tree, having a random break out of wild skipping, running through a neighbors sprinkler or doing donuts on the grass until you fall down. That's just plain little kid fun and that was my last Saturday with the Dowds. Since I've been "homeless" and staying with friends along my travels I've had the pleasure of getting some serious kid time in with Frankie and Nico and thier parents who are pretty close to big kids as well, when their not working that is. Thank you for opening your lovely home to me and Bud! And damn it, your kids are making me want to have kids....I gotta get out of here! :) 

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