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Christmas In Nz Canada Switzerland



Snowboarding News | Monday January 02, 2012 | Shared By: Abby Lockhart

Christmas lunch in my family home xxxxxI had an amazing Christmas spent the day with my family.
Jemma my step sis and I xmas morningMy nephew Will Break dancing on a sugar high

I also spent in on the air plane then arrived in Vancouver on christmas just a stop over, it was stretched out i flew on to Zurich Switzerland where my brother and his partner met me it was now the morning of the 26th over 30 hrs of traveling I felt pretty tired to say the least! We caught a train for 3 hrs to the south of Switzerland to a small village in the mtns accessed by gondola called the Bettmer Alp a very special place Vivian my brothers girl friends dad Gilbert had rented a Chalet here, I am lucky to be able to stay with them. Here are a few pics of this time.
Christmas in Switzerland swiss army knife x2 my present with my name on it thanks toss and vivi

Tossie, Vivianne and Gilbert on the Bettmer AlpAster Chalet we are staying top story 2 little windows showing
My bro Tossie and Vivianne with the Altsch glacier behind

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