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Applaud Your Sunsets



Snowboarding News | Thursday October 28, 2010 | Shared By: Tara Dakides

Winter is definitely in the air. Bud and I always get a walk in from my house down to the beach. The other night, at sunset, the beach was near empty. Every sunset I think of a story a wise women from Spain told me. In her culture if you didn't take the time to watch the sunset that day it was like saying you did not honor that day. At the very last bit of sun as it fell over the horizon it was custom to applaud! The more you applauded the better the sun would light up the sky for you and the after show would begin. I liked her story so much that now I applaud at the sunset. I do get some pretty funny looks at times but it seems like a nice way to end the day and after all the sunsets can be quit magical! Just imagine if we all did that... talk about a shift of energy! I think mother nature has been threw enough and gives back so much that a nice big global sunset applause would lift a many spirits including mother earth! Spread the word and Applaud!
 Soon, very Soon it will be time to head to the Mts so I'm enjoying some relaxing time at home hanging with friends and doing the "norm" whatever that is.... Nothing really feels "normal". What really is normal these day's anyway??? I was over at Chanelle Sladics house for dinner last night speaking of normal. I am so Uber impressed with her and the One Life Crew. Anything but "normal"....What an amazing, talented, inspiring, driven, creative group of girls. I look forward to what they create next! Can't wait to do some riding with the ONE LIFE CREW this winter. Thank you girls for the amazing food, friendships and music last night around the fire. The jam was soothing to the soul.... Njoy~

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