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Anderson Creek



Snowboarding News | Monday April 04, 2011 | Shared By: Abby Lockhart

The last couple of weeks have been fun, I am still in Seattle heading back up to Canada in the next day or two.
I have been on a few adventures in the area spring has started to kick in so weather has been up an down not many sunny days yet still some sweet spring pow days.
We had an amazing sunny day a week or so ago Greg myself and 3 of his friends Matt, Chirs and Christina went snowmobiling to a new spot up by mt Baker called Anderson creek it was nice up there we looked across at shribers the spot we usually go to when sledding up there.
looking across at mt baker as we crossed this high skinny dam on access rd

It was beautiful up there we had a good day checking out this new spot the snow was good in the shade an slightly baked in sun but we did a few things made a pat down which was fun hit some small pillows slashed some pow it was pretty sweet.
View of mt Baker Stunning!!Actually there was a super close call with the matt an chris sleds had a head on collision it was so lucky everyone was ok! Matt lost control making a highmark and was thrown off his sled free ran down the slope straight into chris an christinas sled lucky they got off in time. The sleds hit pretty hard they both still ran just got knocked up and sounded a bit louder.

Greg chilling with a grey jay sleds getting checked in the back ground

Grey Jay waiting for some more snacks cheaky
Here is some of the terrain we saw up there pretty impressive!
It was good new place to check out an we all enjoyed the day, well be heading back there some time for sure!

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