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Allowing And Letting Go



Snowboarding News | Wednesday September 21, 2011 | Shared By: Tara Dakides

How do I love and let go......? How do I Live and let go......?
Two questions I ask often, WHY?
Come to find out, when you ask WHY, you miss the whole point.
For me letting go has been one of the toughest lessons I have ever invested in. Some people do it with grace while others go deeper and make it more complicated. You read the books, "Be like Water" and all that other "In the Flow of Life" "The New Energy" material and so you "THINK" you know how to do this but again, missing the whole point.
It's like try try trying so hard at something and thinking you have it but your not quite convinced because something just doesn't FEEL right, it's a struggle, or your ego just gets in the way and tells you you got it, you're the shit, then BAM! Smacked down again. But every now and then when you least expect it (if your aware enough to catch it) it happens, you become lighter and it feels good as if it were always there. It's like space within was created and an openness comes through, accepting and allowing of what is with out a fight.
It's a tricky deal letting go, or at least for me but it's one of the greatest lessons one can learn.

Number one letting go of struggle.... People
Number two.... Expectations/the turn out
and number three.... Fear

FEAR: Not Fear of getting hurt physically or fear of The Blair Witch but more, fear of the unknown. Yeah, sounds silly huh? It sounds a bit insane. Fearing something that hasn't happened yet because maybe something similar happened in the past. Well the past is gone and there's no changing the past, believe me, I've tried. Living in the past is like sticking yourself or someone else in a box wrapped in duck-tape and not letting them out. The person in the box can't move, can't grow, can't change. No matter what they do they will still be in a box of Duck-tape and will most likely die a lot sooner too. To live in the past is insanity and make's life a lot duller, less colorful and happy. Memories are great, learning from the past is great but holding on to it or trying to change it.... Insanity. It's gone

Fear is a tricky one that sneaks up on you. You can go through your whole life living in fear and not even know it!! You can huck yourself off cliffs but fear getting close to people. That makes sense...? What fear does is it create's a protection mechanism, doubt in yourself and others, WALLS. Walls between people who love each other, walls between really truly living your life and your dream. A great man told me once something that I FELT was very true, he said "When you protect yourself you hurt yourself." Think about that. How can protecting yourself from the very hurt we don't want to experience actually be what's creating that hurt? Now protecting yourself from physical harm is one thing and that is not what I am talking about. Physical pain yes hurts, but it heals for the most part. It's the pain within that create's these lesson's of "How", "What" and "Why" questions. First you have to be aware of "What" the pain is, Why do I have it and How can I learn and promote change, live outside the box.
I only ask the questions here for you to answer within yourself if you dare to, I dare you. My answers are mine and they come daily. I was asked these similar questions some time ago.
I'm not some teacher here, I'm just writing my thoughts and my thoughts right now are about "How to Love and let go".

ChoicesWhat is it like to love and let go??? First off, to love and let go is one and the same. To love you must let go and to let go you must love and that goes for all things. I have always been a seeker of deeper meaning, dissecting my thoughts my emotions and why they were there, where they were coming from and why??? These questions have created a passion for me throughout my life. Passion for living, loving, snowboarding and doing the absolute best that I can. Always wanting more sort to speak. But was I allowing? Was I content? Was I connected? Was I letting go? Not always and therefore I ran into the same walls within myself and others. I don't like walls. I don't like feeling others walls. It is such a disconnect but if that is what is, then so be it. People learn and let go in their own time, allowing others their own process is the only way. I can only make my own changes, not others. My problem has always been that I try too HARD to the point of pushing or control the expectations of the outcome I WANTED for myself and others. I was unconscious of this, still am at times. It's not about controlling the game, the love, the outcome. It's about being allowing of what is without interference, Letting Go and Allowing. This is probably a lesson I will continue to learn throughout my life as life happens. We all get triggered and crash into each other, but we have the choice to learn and grow from these challenges. The choice, not reacting but responding, Not creating divides but togetherness. I believe Love is without conditions, Love is without Rules and Love is without expectations whether in a relationship or saying goodbye to one. For example, Divorce....It rips people and family's apart and why? Is it the divorce or the choices that people make in the event of what has been named divorce. Most divorces are ugly, most break ups end badly but what if we took the good with us and let go through love. Even if the other acts poorly, we all deserve to be loved or have the choice to stay in a loving space within. STOP passing our own pain onto another and work within first. Take responsibility of our own actions and love one another. This would be a step toward ending the fight, the war. This is a step towards peace.

Trust your way through Love and Light, Allow and let go.

With Love, TD

In Dedication to my Dad

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